INFLUENCE-The Psychology of Persuasion

Robert B Cialdini

Oct 13,10:36 am

You get what you negotiate in your life. Let that line sink in your soul kinda,

when you are rote learning the previous night for the next day’s dreadful science paper.

So to protect yourself from others ,not getting influenced by the ads or zombies and getting the soulmate you had a crush since high school- you gotta learn persuasion.You gotta…READ MORE



5 October 2019 , 8:58 am

Hi are you a person who loves creating things which can have huge positive impact in the world. Or

do you want to open a startup? Or You want to build a better future for this world? Or…

…you have a business and want to take it another level?This best selling book...READ MORE



27 Sept 2019 , 1:25 am

Are you someone who wants to learn copywriting?

Copywriting is skill to persuade readers to take specific action through your words. Sounds interesting? Yes, I know how it feels. So…

Then check this sensational book or rather letters written by the greatest copywriter of all time…READ MORE



By Chris Voss

21 Sept 2019 , 10:35 pm

So you got to a shop to buy fruits.When you ask for the price and you receive an answer, instantly your gut feeling says that shopkeeper is lying.

So what do you do?You start bargaining,but in vain.

You say to yourself that I will


come to this shop again?Or do you have any other powerful option other than running away? This sensational book will show you what you can do… READ HERE


By Fraser Doherty MBE

Sep 10,2019

Do you want to start a business within one week?Sounds impossible,isn’t it?

Do you want to challenge yourself and learn new things in this process of learning about business?So this boo….READ MORE

best business books for entrepreneurs


By Josh Kaufman

Sep 1,2019

So you have just started of opening a business?You might of doing an MBA or if you lack money you will start one without educating yourself about business.What about reading a book which will tell you evrything you need to know about busi..READ MORE


By Michael.E.Gerber

Aug 30,2019

Starting a business is not a challenge,scaling it is the real battle.So are you prepared for this battle?

Do you really think that you are an entrepreneur,or as like most budding entrepreneurs you are domed by the 3 personalities-Technician,manger,entrepreneur of you? This is the…..READ MORE

 steal like an artist aviiibooks book review

Steal Like An Artist

By Austin Kleon

Aug 29 ,2019

Do you get mad at yourself when you don’t get unique ideas?Or do you think that you can never become creative? This bestseller book will teach you how to steal like William Shakespeare and Thomas Edison(yes, they too stole ).So are you ready to steal like an artist…READ MORE

The Millionaire Booklet

By Grant Cardone

Aug 27,2019

$300M. Yes, this is the net worth of Grant Cardone. He went from broke at 25 years old to multimillionaire in the next five years. Mr Cardone is the bestselling author,who wrote this book on 2016 within 2 hours for the people who wanna get super rich,are you one of those?….READ MORE


By Robert Greene

Aug 25,2019

Mastery is a book which will guide you to build an awesome career.This bestselling book shows how masters like Michael Faraday to Mozart had in common which made them masters in their nice.Do you wanna have the ultimate form of power…READ MORE

The Boy In Striped Pajamas

By John Boyle

Aug 21 ,2019

The story of two 8 year old boys who become friends,but there is something unusual about them.One is a son a Jew ,and Bruno is the sun of Nazi Soldier.Though divided by a electric fence,their friendship has no barriers…READ MORE

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

By Rashmi Bansal

Aug 19 ,2019

This book will inspire say no to fat paychecks from your boss,and show you an alternative ,its entrepreneurship. The books shows the hardships of 25 IIM graduates who thought of doing something different,and left no stone unturned until they smelled success,or are they still working,?……...READ MORE