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40 40 40 SCAM OR NEW RICH ?

Before starting, I wanna say that I am not a millionaire,but like You I too wanna become super rich. Yes, I too wanna become a multi- millionaire.

Right now,I want to share what I have learned after reading many finance books to change my mindset about money(I have also mentioned the books that you must must must read).

I pray one day,we both, will become successful, and enjoy the freedom by uplifting lives of the poor. So lets start…

Are you part of the – 40/40/40 scam / lifestyle ? Do you want to know how you can change this lifestyle and attain financial confidence to become NEW RICH ?

I will tell you who are the – new rich – and the steps you can take to attain financial confidence .

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1) WHAT IS 40 40 40 SCAM?

40/40/40 lifestyle is – where one works for more 40 hours a week , for 40 years of her/his life and saves only 40% of what they have earned !

The point I will try to make is that , some of us believe – that living this(40 40 40 scam) lifestyle will make them millions . If you too think so , then you are wrong . There is nothing wrong with the job, it is the mindset that needs some tweaking .

Infact having cash inflows is the roadway to becoming rich , and one of those pathways is a job !

But why do I call it a scam ? Lets know …


1 . Most jobs of 40/40/40 lifestyle require tremendous work. It is devastating for a person’s mental and physical health , until one loves doing their job.

2 . Most people of 40/40/40 lifestyle are not satisfied about the kind of work they do .

3 . They don’t get enough time to spend with their family and friends . Fitness is screwed too.

4 . Also there is devoid of time to travel to new place with loved ones. There is less time to work on passion .

5. The amount of money one had saved – and then invested in stocks and funds , might make them millions, but becoming millionaire at 60 is not as sexy and enjoying as when you were 30/40.

I hope you got some knack of this lifestyle . The goal should be to use / try 40 40 40 scam as means to your end , not an end itself . Here – end – means to make millions .

Don’t you think this lifestyle is so popular and scripted in our utopian world ?

Now that you have understood about this 40 40 40 scam and learned what your goal must be , let move on to next topic .


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Do you think rich people are those who have massive bank account but no time for family , fitness , freedom – Or someone with multiple sources of income( decent income ) but having time as well as money ??

Yes , the 2nd one . Money without time has no meaning . NEW RICH are the people who live their life on their own terms.

new rich
40 40 40 scam

The’ New Rich’ make money while sleeping ! They have built systems which makes money work for them .

New rich earn as much as passive workers but they do have time on their side . They have many cash inflows sources .

New Rich continue to exploit opportunities to earn money and increase ‘money making ‘sources . They don’t rely on one source of income .

These rich humans are fucking independent and don’t work under a boss . They are their own boss.


Great things are difficult, that’s why only few people achieve greatness. The most important thing is to try .

Think about it, When you will become the new rich , how bliss you will feel. You will have time by your side. You will be able to invest your time on your family, adventures and interests.

time ferris
40 40 40 scam

You are not born to just pay bills. You get one life. Its upto you , how you would like to use this life.

This life is meant to enjoy the beautiful earth , to cherish its beauty and to enjoy and help others . Though , so many of us are busy paying bills.

No matter where you are in your life, there’s always time to try and experiment. Even if you are working , you can work on side hustle.



1 . First of all, I want you to read some finance books . These books will change your mindset and help you to take actions.

Another great resource , see it here :

One book that will change your life is Millionaire Fastlane. Make sure you read it.

2 . Inspect your financial condition and know how much money flows out of your pocket every month.

Take out a paper, make 2 columns, one for dates, other for money. Keep inserting values daily for every cash that goes out . Track after one moth where and how much money is spent.

There are high chances , most of your money is getting drained on useless things!! Unearth these things and spend less.

3 . Pay yourself first

Keep at least 10% of income that you get , for yourself. You won’t waste even a single penny of this 10 %. You will invest it in money making machine!!

I will tell you how. Keep reading.

4. Make goals

Write down your goals on a paper. Set goals like

“I will save $2000 this month.”

“I will make 100$ from sales of my products “.

5 . Pay off debt , if any , asap . Read – Total money makeover for this ; listen to the advice of experts , author of this book is one of them .

6 . Create multiple sources of income

Now with this savings that you have made , invest it in a money making machine. It can be stock market or an business .

Yes , you can open your business/online business. Despite you having no knowledge , you can . In today’s internet era , its possible.

Even if its not your passion, but it is popular in market , you have to try it out . Who knows when it might turn into a passion.

Learn skills from / /coursera so that you can use in your business . Research in youtube and start something .

Start making your multiple sources of income one at a time . ofcorse , Its easier said than done, but worth a try.

If you lack money, start finding jobs and work on some ideas. Below are some ideas you will find useful:


a ) Become a freelancer in upwork, fiverr.

b ) become an Uber Driver .

c ) Start a blog

d ) Become an affiliate marketer

e ) Open a YouTube channel

f ) Rent a room or your house.

g ) Buy properties and rent it.

h ) Invest in stocks, index funds.

g ) Sell online courses, podcasts, ebooks, apps etc.

h ) Work in a existing business

i )Start a drop shipping online store at oberlo, shopify etc.

j ) Sell on Amazon.

k ) Teach skills in skillshare and earn money .

l ) Build a startup . Have you got any idea ? If you think you don’t have any idea , read this :

Research and work on each of these. Reinvest the profits to grow your empire.

7 . Plan for your future

As you will earn money , you can decide , if you want to continue your current job or not. Also you can work on passive income as side business.

Make a road map for coming years and work accordingly.

Keep saving money for your future. Passive income will keep on working for you, no matter how old you become.

Doing what I have explained is a daunting task, but it is possible. You can become financially free and become the new rich.

Just do it. Learn and grow . Its fucking possible.

I hope , you got any value form this blog. I wish that you will take actions and start your journey of becoming the new rich .