Hi I am Abhinay Bir

If you are a student having big dreams ,then this website is for you!!!

Here you will learn lessons which are devoid in your academic education .

This website will teach you unconventional knowledge, helping you to play your biggest game and expand your life.

This is the only blog of its kind.

New Blogs Every Sunday .

My Story

Till the age of 19 , I had no purpose in my life. I had no goals.

In 11th and 12th , I used to daydream about a girl. I was living in a fantasy. My health was dilapidated .

I knew nothing about what love . I was wasting my fucks. I was living an aimless life. I had no goals, and as you know , when one lives without purpose, life becomes so random.      This randomness led me to assume that joining Defence forces is the future for me.        

 After 12 th,      I had dreamt that I would try to  join ISRO, but I couldn’t qualify the exam.

When I joined College  , I was preparing for SSB , so I though of improving my English vocabulary.

And I went to a library,I took a Sherlock Holmes side story book. That was the first book I read .

This should have been my 3rd book as in 11th and 12th in our syllabus 2 books were included, but i hated reading.

I never thought I will become a reader and Blogger one day.


I couldn’t clear the SSB and I was dejected.I had failed once again in my life.

Then I saw a book in the library ‘The Magic Of Thinking Big’.

This book Changed my life. It gave me hope that i needed after failing in SSB.

Gradually I started reading books of different genres and authors .Books unleashed the giant in me. 

I felt during those initial months that God had given me a chance to improve myself.

Books made me fearless. They showed different opportunities that I  had.

I felt that may be not getting selected in SSB, not getting selected in a  top college,staying with parents after 12th , is all a part of a plan!!

I realized everything happens for a reason and finding that reason is our job. No matter what  our life circumstance be, we can create our own life circumstances through our actions.

Reading is now become a passion  for me , and that’s why i started writing blogs.I read 4 books/month and I have big goals like you.

If you don’t have big goals, i assure you that you have them in your mind , just your mindset needs to rewired !!And Books will do just that for you.


What I believe In

What I Stand For 

  1. You and I should live life on our own terms

  2. I am the Author Of my Life.

  3. I want to be a part of top 1%.

  4. I love challenging myself. 

If you too  Believe in what I stand for, then you must read my blogs.

Blogs which you will find in my website are straight from my heart.  These Blogs contain  knowledge that I have learnt  from books and  from life.

These Blogs will foment wisdom about books,money,books Recommendations ,self help, love and much more.I write what I see in this world. I am an ambivert like most of you , and this really helps me writing blogs


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