best habit of a book reader


The idea for this blog came to mind, when I saw ‘Think and Grow Rich’, in my college bag. after one friend of mine had returned it to me and suddenly ,

Me reading think and grow rich,once again.

I though why not read this book again? And I read the book again after 6 months.

You will be like why the hell you should read a book again?

I think you must do the same because

When I had read the book, Think and grow Rich , for the first time , I was completely different person as compared to

my current personality. Isn’t it? Think about yourself, haven’t you changed in the last 1 year? You have gone through so many awesome and shitty life experiences ,

and these events have changed you as a person. So when you read the same book again. you are able to understand more , reflect better on the message of the book.

This time when you will read the same book which you had read when you were a bit younger ,you will understand things which you were doubtful of.

And the 2nd reason why you should do this is :

We often forget what we had read in books, so we need to remind ourselves again and again…

I forget a lot, like a laaat. And if you are not practicing what you have learned in a book, you have wasted your time,isn’t it?

This shit happens with me , alwaaayz. One day .. I was trying to study for my upcoming semester exam , and I was constantly distracting myself to not to study and rote learn…

I had forgotten the lesson I had learned in Deep Work by Cal Newport,have you done the same thing where you are not doing what you should be doing?

Yeah, it happens. So that’s why we need to re-read books, as they give a tight slap in our rosy cheeks .

Sometimes in life. reading a lot of books is not the answer, I think our aim should be reading few best books, and re-reading them continuously .

You will be able to decide which things you didn’t apply or you could have done better. I think self inspection is vital , and in today’s fast pacy world, we gotta give some time for peaceful reflection


Hence please re-read the books which had a huge impact on your life. This will give you some time to think and help you to come up with ideas to improve yourself.


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